I can read!

Most children begin reading at some point during their primary years in the Montessori classroom. This usually starts after the child knows all of the sounds of the alphabet- (thank you sandpaper letters).

sandpaper letters

sandpaper letters

We have found that it is easiest to show the child a few sounds at a time- naming the sound and then thinking of words that start with that sound- until one day the child can recite all the sounds back to us.

Children begin reading all phonetic words- which means they can actually sound out the entire word. There are no blended sounds like ee, or sh. There isn’t silent e, or any other exception.

My son has finally begun to show an interest in reading- yes, he is in the first grade but he has decide that he actually enjoys it now so the task of reading is so much easier!  He is really starting to excel!


We started with this amazing set of phonetic books- real phonetic books!  Most readers for children contain a lot of words you can’t sound out or words with blends in them. This can be really discouraging to the emergent reader



If you are looking for a great set of books for your child at home check these out- you can’t go wrong!  There are  multiple sets; as your childs skill level increases, so does the vocabulary and amount of words in the books.