We love our CMS families!

Creating a community for both the students and their families is, not only, one of the foundations of Montessori learning, but it’s one of our greatest joys.

To all of our CMS families, past, present, and future, thank you for your trust, your time, and your friendship.

What Parents are Saying about CMS:

“CMS is an amazing experience. My son has flourished in a nurturing environment which provides the perfect blend of individual attention and fostered independence.

We have been part of the community for 1.5 years – in that time I have watched my son grow from a baby to a nice little boy. He is not quite 3 and is already such a great helper. He will set the table, cut his own pancakes, and clear his dishes from the table!

This all comes from the lesson instilled at CMS that kids are willing and able and that contributing to the community/family makes them feel valued. Our son has had the opportunity to be involved in great activities: growing vegetables, flower arranging, music class and caring for the turtle and fish.

I have always felt that he is more than safe and secure at CMS – he is loved and nourished too! I cannot thank these women enough for caring for my child. I recommend this program without reservation.”

“My son has been attending CMS for a year and a half now, beginning when he was 20 months old. It’s been a wonderful experience for him and our family.

Both teachers are warm, engaged with the children and very responsive to any parental concerns. My son loves going to school and telling me the activities he did that day. It’s amazing to walk in and see all the children in a calm environment, enjoying puzzles, art, music, and books.

I feel like my son has benefited not only from the teachers but from his interactions with the other children, who are absolutely great.”

“CMS has been such a great experience for my son. The combination of the home-like environment, the warm teachers and the challenging – and fun! – materials has been just a perfect first school for us.

I’ve always felt great about my son being at CMS, and he’s always been happy to be there as well. He’s made great friends, and I think it gave him a really special way to be a part of something important to him and outside of our immediate family. In fact, it feels like in the process we all gained some extra family. CMS is great.”

“Community Montessori is such a special school. The owner/teacher is an AMI certified Montessori guide that has a special connection with children.

The program includes Spanish Immersion ( the assistant speaks only Spanish), weekly Music Together classes, an organic lunch program, gardening, and a school pet. Every moment is turned into a learning opportunity.

My daughter has become an empowered, and respectful child, learning to work within her community. Most importantly, she is happy at school and treats it like her second home.”

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