The simple things

The beauty of flowers!

The beauty of flowers!

One of the this I love about working with children this age is that they MAKE me slow down and notice things I would probably miss.

A 2 (or 3 or 4)  year old does not care how fast they get to the corner, but they do care about all the rocks, flowers and animals they pass.  In the classroom and out in the play yard I am constantly reminded to slow down, listen to what they say and examine things with them


Children do not have the same life experiences we do, so things we may find mundane, they revel in!


Examining rocks…this is a favorite for many children!

I know that its not always an option to slow down to a childs pace.  Sometimes we just don’t have 10 minutes to let them put on their shoes or look at an insect.  But when we do, it is a wonderful gift to take it all in!