A Feast!

It is always fun to have celebrations with the children.  One of my favorite traditions at CMS is our Thanksgiving feast.  The children help plan the menu, make the food, decorations, and of course lots and lots of eating!  This is a great way to come together as a community and enjoy a fun morning together.

The children help make decorations

turkey decoration

They prepare all the food.

spreading jelly for sandwiches

cracking eggs for pancakes

slicing fruit

I have to admit, having children prepare all the food is NOT the most effeicient way to do this, I now know that it can take a full 10 minutes plus to spread jelly onto TWO pieces of bread! We make sure that each child gets to make something.  They each feel a great sense of pride when all the food is ready to eat.  Parents have often told me that their child talks about this day for weeks afterward.

And then… the eating!  We put all the tables together for the festivities and eat buffet style.


We can incorporate some of this into our family celebrations as well.  My two children wash and slice fruit, help make desserts and LOVE to make placemats and decorations.  I have found that this makes for happy, engaged children which means that Mom and Dad are also happy!

I look forward to our feast every year; with the school community and with my own family.