Children are born with an inclination for music.  This must be why singing will calm a baby and we all do this without even thinking about it.  As the child grown older their love for music grows, as well as all things related to music; dancing, instruments, etc.

Children participating in Music Together class

I noticed that parents of young children often spend a lot of time singing and dancing with their child.  We do this in  a Montessori classroom as well.  We sing songs all the time. I have found that Montessori classrooms are full of amazing songs about seasons, friendship, animals and nature.

Music Together collection


Our school is proud that we have been able to integrate the Music Together program into our community.  WOW, they know what they are doing!  Their curriculum is all research-based.  They offer a program that runs a full 3 years with no repeats.  This follows Montessori exactly, with 3 year cycles.

Our Music Together teacher using the songbook

The songs!  They are truly amazing collections.  Each CD has many songs that I knew from childhood, also a few new songs that I haven’t heard.  Adults can actually listen to these CD’s without cringing!  We receive new music 3 times per year, complete with a songbook with all the music, lyrics and even fun pictures for children to identify.

Enjoying “the sticks”

It has been fun having all the families included in this program.  The children sing the songs at school, we play the music, and of course use many instruments!

One thing MT has stressed is that ALL people are musical and our children DO NOT care if we sing in tune or can carry a melody.  They just want the experience of making music with their grown-ups!