The start of the year is always an exciting time.  Especially for Children entering a Montessori classroom.

A parents we sometimes have mixed feelings: excitement for our children, anticipation, worry and happiness.  For the first few days the house can feel empty with them being away from home, we sit and wonder how they will do at school with others. I still feel all this about my 3rd grader!

For most children entering a community with other “friends” is pure joy. I can’t tell you how many parents have reported that their child just seems to be drawn to other children.   Even those who put up a show when parents depart, (we have all seen the tears or withdrawn little one), they are completely at ease within minutes.

Child sized furniture

And who wouldn’t be?  To be in a place that is made just for me!  Tables and chairs all my size….. low shelves, attractive interesting materials all around me.  And best of all….. other children who are kind and respectful. They want to help and show me what to do.  It really can be quite harmonious!


As a guide and parent I have learned quickly to take photos of the children throughout the day and send to parents.  This way parents can get a sense of what their child does during all those hours at school where they are told “I did nothing” when questioned at home.  Let me assure you, your child IS doing something!  Montessori children are among the busiest I have ever seen.

washing a table

One thing that I have always loved about the Montessori approach is that children stay in their same community for 3 years.  That means the same guide, same classroom and same children. To this accord, we always have returning children, in our case we are in the third year of our school so many children have been with us since the start.

These returning children are SO helpful to all the new children.  They know where materials are and how to use them.  They are kind and respectful, happy and engaged in work.  They are the ambassadors of the classroom.  They greet new children with open arms and help them become part of the community.

As a Montessori Mom I am at ease knowing that my child is in good hands: not only with the teacher but more importantly with the other children in the class.