Time to PLAY!

We had our Winter Family Social at The Little Gym in Lake Oswego this year.  This is an event  that the whole family participates in; parents, grandparents and siblings.  I wanted the children to be able to be in a safe, fun environment with some free time as well as a portion of more structured time.

We found the right place!  When we arrived the children (and families) were welcomed into the gym by energetic, fun staff members.  They had a variety of apparatus set up for varying ages.  We had siblings as young as 6 months up to 9 year olds.  There was something for everyone.

After the first 20 minutes or so the children were invited to come to the large red mat and participate in a class designed just for us!  The children took part in a number of different activities which included follow-the-leader, balls, running, jumping, twirling sticks while singing and dancing to music.


“look at those moves!”

Then the inflatable run came out.  The children watched as it slowly inflated.  Afterwards they had plenty of turns running, skipping, hopping and having all sorts of fun on this inflatable run.  When it was time to transition to the next activity all of the children piled on, laid very still and waited for it to deflate.  I have never seen them all so still and quiet at the same time.

We ended the morning with fun parachute games and then a light snack in the party room.

My son had SO much fun that we also signed up for a few days of “winter camp”, where he spent three hours in the gym and loved every minute of it!  I know that he will be begging to go back over spring break and summer.

If you haven’t checked out the Little Gym, I highly recommend it for some SERIOUS FUN!