Learning Naturally

For children in a Montessori classroom academic learning comes easily and naturally.  They are able to follow their own rhythm and move through the set curriculum at their own pace.  This means that they all learn the alphabet, reading, numbers and math in a very different way than in other school settings.

First, each child is shown letters and numbers on an individual basis, progressing through lessons at their own pace.  This also means that the teacher  (Guide) is aware of what EACH child knows and has time to spend with every child to keep them going.  Children are shown different montessori materials, which will be highlighted in later posts, that allow the child to “learn” each concept- whether it be memorizing sounds or numbers.

Our children learn by practice with the materials.  The teacher shows each child how to use a material and then the child practices and practices and practices.  It doesn’t hurt that the materials are incredibly inviting!  They also have multiple uses- along with a variety of games that make them fun and build memory.

making cards

making cards

There are NO worksheets to tracing pages in the Montessori classroom.  Not because handwriting practice isn’t important, rather that this practice is accomplished in other ways.

Children practice handwriting when they are write a set of cards, or a story, or make a book.  They practice writing numbers when they record math equations or copy number cards to make a poster.



There are numerous math games the children play- alone or in groups that imbed the knowledge of each operation into the childs mind.  They understand that addition is putting numbers together and that division is making equal groupings.

"tens" and writing

“tens” and writing

What draws me to the Montessori method is the way that each child gets individual time with their Guide, they develop a relationship, the Guide knows (and keeps detailed records) of what each child knows and what each child needs to work on.  I love the individual approach and the time spent with every child in the community!