Explosion into Learning

We know that children learn at all different rates.  They are interested in different subjects as the year progresses, so they often work intently in one subject then another.

The Montessori materials are all interactive- so the children learn whatever is being taught by working with the materials.  Montessori teachers LOVE repetition- and so do children!  The more they repeat with the same material the more the concept is solidified for them.  Each material prepares the child for  something- fine motor control, geometry, math, reading., and much more!


From the adult perspective it seems that children can take a LONG time to memorize or “learn” new information. We know that our children have great memories, they can remember things we said or places they went for many years.  However, it does take time for a child to integrate something new so they can regurgitate that back to us.  It takes trial and error for the child to figure it out by themselves without adult interruption.  This is where the true learning happens.  This is the beauty of the Montessori classroom.


Her first time laying out 1- 10 in order (even though some may be backwards- we will address that next time!)


Children often work with numbers, letters, shapes, scissors, etc for MANY months before they are able to recall the information, or perfect the movements needed to perform a task.  This results in this explosion that we see with our children.  They quietly work and work through the preparations and then “WOW!” now they can cut a straight line, or draw a letter, or read, or identify numbers into the thousands.


handwriting- after months of tracing sandpaper letters and chalk writing (and erasing!)


making a leap to reading books


Children learn at their own pace, we just need to sit back and trust in the fact that when they are ready, and have had the all the right preparations, it will fall into place.  Effortlessly it seems!