When we send our children off into the world of "school" we are left to ponder what they are like with other children when their parent is absent.  At about the age of 2 or 3 most children are looking for something outside of the home.  We can see … [Continue reading]

A Feast!

It is always fun to have celebrations with the children.  One of my favorite traditions at CMS is our Thanksgiving feast.  The children help plan the menu, make the food, decorations, and of course lots and lots of eating!  This is a great way to … [Continue reading]

The Fuss About Montessori

The Fuss about Montessori: Why is it so darn great, anyway? By, Julie Vaillancourt What’s the deal with Montessori education? Why does it always come up in conversation when people’s kids start pushing the preschool age? You’ll hear questions … [Continue reading]